How to manage production quality?

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In the market environment where more and more products are produced and product life cycles are shorter and shorter, the production department's production pressure is increasing: customers require shorter delivery times, more punctuality, lower prices and better quality .

In the final analysis, the competition in the manufacturing industry is the competition in production efficiency, cost control and management capabilities.

Excellent and effective production management capabilities, workshops are the center of manufacturing enterprises, the quality of the workshops and manufacturing departments directly affects the completion of the product quality, cost, delivery date, with the arrival of the era of meager profit Today, and the organization structure tends to be flat, workshop management will play an increasingly important role in the enterprise !

The workshop supervisor should not only lead the team to complete various tasks, but also effectively manage the progress, quality, cost and personnel of the production site.

How to carry out workshop management and production process control ?

1. The importance of quality

"Quality is the life of an enterprise", this is the conclusion that many enterprises have summed up based on their experience or lessons, and everyone is convinced.

The general meaning of this sentence is: if the product quality is not good, it will eventually be rejected by consumers and eliminated by the market. If the product of the enterprise cannot be sold, the enterprise will close down. Therefore, the quality is related to the survival of the enterprise. s life.

From another perspective, the importance of quality cannot be ignored: rework due to quality problems not only affects the production schedule, but more seriously affects the employee's work mood, which will lead to more problems and the production schedule will be further affected. influences.

If the production schedule can't keep up, it will directly affect the delivery time, which will affect the sales and even lead to lost orders. Then the factory can't talk about creating profits. Without profits, where will our wages come from? Then quality is not only related to the rise and fall of the company, but also to our vital interests.

Second, how to control the quality

If you want to control the quality, you must first establish this concept: quality is made, not found!

1. Prior education (prevention)

Controlling from the source, focusing on prior education, the production management staff has memorized the process of each product in the process of arranging daily work or in the process of signing the first sample, and will address the process difficulties after the prenatal There are also solutions and measures.

Then organize a group prenatal meeting to communicate everything we know to our grass-roots employees in a timely manner, and combine each specific process requirements and company product quality requirements to make a detailed explanation so that everyone can understand: what is correct Yes, what is wrong, and to what extent it is qualified, what punishment will be made for failure, etc. This is pre-existing education.

2. Correct in the event

After the employees have their goals, some will work hard to achieve them; but some may not understand it, have a little consciousness or have limited technical ability, and ca n’t do it according to our requirements. Then we require our production management personnel to counsel, To supervise follow-up, especially in the early stage of each new product being put into production, we should start the follow-up inspection from the first process, correct the wrong methods or bad habits in time, and ensure that each process is passed to the next process.

We follow up the inspection and counseling together until the finished product. If we really follow up, I believe that there is very little rework after the finished product comes out, so we do n’t have to check each product repeatedly. In this way , employees are happy, and the post-process is easy.

3. Summary afterwards

If the rework phenomenon is indeed caused by technical factors or material reasons, we should promptly feedback it to the technical department or quality control department, let it help solve and record it, as a reference for the prevention of similar problems in the future.

3. Responsibilities of the team leader   

1. Ensure that the machinery and equipment in this group are neatly arranged, and that the machines and countertops are clean and free of oil; the production group is the smallest organizational unit of the factory. As the main manager of the unit, it is responsible and responsible for all matters in the group. Moreover, as the grassroots management personnel, it is the person who knows the most clearly about the first scene. As the saying goes, the county official is not as good as the current management. If the team leader is not good, who can be expected to manage it!

2. Ensure the smooth production process: This is very important. The team leader must understand and be familiar with every employee in this group, just like familiar with his family members. We must not only know the technical capabilities of employees, but also understand the employees ’ Temperament, personality, advantages and disadvantages.

Only in this way can we have a basis when doing process allocation, and it is possible to fully explore the capabilities of employees. The company does not lack talents, everyone is talents! Similarly, our factory is not short of talents, but we have not explored! As the saying goes: No one is perfect!

But we are often used to pay attention to the shortcomings of others, and forget their own advantages! This is not conducive to our work. In fact, if we pay attention to and fully exploit the advantages of employees, its own shortcomings can easily be diluted and may eventually disappear!

Moreover, the advantages and disadvantages are not absolute. Sometimes, in our opinion, it is a disadvantage, but if it is used well, it will become an advantage. For example: Grumpy is generally a shortcoming, but people with impatience tend to be quick and straightforward. We arrange him to do the bottleneck process, it is easier to solve the problem of poor process faster.

All in all, we must fully consider all factors that affect our production schedule and quality when making work arrangements.

3. The output quality record is clear: in production, our record of output is often clear, but the record of quality is not so concerned!

We did not realize the importance of quality records-quality records are the basis for the quality assessment of employees in the process and the basis for the improvement of our production quality management work. With detailed quality records, we can quickly find out after statistical analysis The cause of the problem, and the improvement and preventive measures can be formulated accordingly, and these records can also be used as a reference and reference for similar problems in the future.

4. Counseling and supervision of employee work: The team leader, as the grassroots cadre of the factory, knows the production site best. The team leader must know the technical status of each team member and teach according to his aptitude.

Therefore, the production skills and management skills of a team leader directly affect the technical qualities of the pilot, and even determine the technical quality of the pilot. The growth rate of a corresponding production team member also directly reflects the level of the team leader's ability.

In addition, most of the quality problems are not caused by technical factors but consciousness problems. Therefore, the team leader should train the employees' quality awareness while conducting technical guidance. Good phenomena are strongly advocated, and bad behaviors are immediately stopped and corrected.

5. Workshop management and QC 's work cooperation:  QC is the representative of quality control of quality control department, on behalf of quality control department to guide and supervise the workshop to manage and control the production quality.

Therefore, QC has the right to correct the unreasonable phenomenon in the workshop. Regarding QC 's criticism or suggestion, the team leader must accept it. If the QC 's criticism or suggestion is incorrect, it can be reported to the quality control department or workshop supervisor, but it must not be faced or abused!

In addition, we must fully realize that QC assists us in quality management. The key to truly improving product quality lies in improving the quality awareness of ourselves and our employees, as well as our quality management technology!

At the same time, it should also be realized that output and quality are not contradictory. If strict control is carried out at the initial stage of production, quality improvement (reduction of rework rate) can effectively promote output increase.

4. Inspection duties in the manufacturing process  (supervise after setting up the deputy leader)  

The inspection responsibility in the process is to ensure that the semi-finished products or finished products flowing to the downstream must be qualified! The rest is the working method: the inspection work in the manufacturing process is not only to check the semi-finished products or finished products, but should also be extended forward, that is, the inspection will be carried out from the first process of the robot. One process is "embedded nose clip"; the second process is "post-wave embedment clip"; the third process is "posted bag";

Then the inspection in the manufacturing process starts to follow up when the first piece is made. After the "head embedding clip" is checked, there is no problem, and the "post wave embedding clip" is checked. After the check, there is no problem, then the "post bag" is followed, and the way is followed until The finished product.

I believe that the finished products no longer need to be checked repeatedly, and there will be no quality problems. In this way , employees are happy, and the post-process is easy!

If the other way around, the inspection during the process sits in front of the cargo inspection station, and does not actively follow the system, there will definitely be a lot of problems waiting for us. The more we check the more problems, the more goods will be accumulated In the end, a lot of reworked products were returned to repair, the employees complained, we are also thankless!

I believe everyone understands this point! A lot of parking spaces have told me that some grass-roots managers (intermediate investigations) didn't care when they first opened the goods, and they said that they wouldn't work here after they had made a lot of semi-finished or finished products. Not to mention energy, it also seriously affects employees' work mood!

Therefore, employees refuse to rework and quarrel. Therefore, in the initial stage of large-scale production, we have to spend more energy and take the initiative to be more active.

As mentioned above, the team leader must cooperate with QC work, the inspectors in the process must fully cooperate with QC work, and correct the quality problems raised by QC in time! If there are objections, you can report them to the team leader or supervisor!

V. Duty of the pilot   

The production in the manufacturing workshop is a multi-task sequential flow operation. The quality of the process semi-finished products is also the center of the quality of the entire product. The completion of the process index is an important guarantee for the completion of the entire flow production. Therefore, all personnel in the manufacturing workshop must strictly implement the following production responsibility system:

1. Before the product is put into production, you must be familiar with the specifications: quality standards, process operation requirements, careful listening and memorizing in technical courses, familiar with the requirements of this process, and familiar with the requirements of the upper and lower processes. It is forbidden to put into production without understanding the requirements.

The first product must be submitted to the team leader, master, or QC for identification before it can be put into mass production. It is not allowed to go into production without identification.

2. Strict process operation requirements: production is carried out according to specifications and process operation requirements, and is fully responsible for quality error accidents that occur in violation of process operation requirements.

3. Adhere to quality inspection standards: produce in strict accordance with standard requirements, strict self-examination and identification of the quality of this process, be responsible for the next process, and strictly control the quality of the previous process, such as the remaining problems of the previous process, This process is not controlled and a quality accident occurs. The process is responsible for the first responsibility for the repair and the economic responsibility for the loss of the repair.

4. Rework in time for quality problems: If the returned product is not allowed to stay overnight as soon as it is returned, if it is not repaired or refused to be repaired in a timely manner, the corresponding wages will be deducted during the suspension of education time, and the circumstances will be punished according to administrative discipline.

5. Strictly follow the instructions: in particular the main process, product protection, to prevent errors caused by product dumping, the next process is responsible for the previous process, the errors caused by the adoption of Zhang Guanli Dai shall be the party's responsibility.

6. Efforts to complete and exceed the production tasks: establish the correct thinking of the collective and the individual, obey the distribution, do not choose the types of work and procedures, in order to ensure the completion of the large group of indicators in the production process, obey the team leader ’s scheduling, disobey the scheduling If the time for talk education is not counted as working hours, the work produced by yourself will not be counted as output. If you have a bad attitude, the bonus will be deducted and the administrative discipline will be severely punished.

Sixth, the transformation of production quality control consciousness

1. Responsibilities are in place, requiring each process to be self-checked by each employee before moving to the next ( QC \ management must be supervised)

2. Each group of investigations must get rid of relying on ideas (think QC must be fully investigated, and wait until he finds out), and fully assume the responsibility and obligation of quality control from semi-finished products to finished products;

3. All process inspectors and QC must monitor each production link and each process, and it is not allowed to focus all their energy on inspecting the finished product.

In addition, the focus of the current work is to control the production quality of semi-finished products. Therefore, the process inspectors should pay special attention to the rework products returned from the IPQC spot check in the future. The products produced are fully qualified.